What are Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are slowly but surely becoming pretty common phenomena all over the world. Anxiety attacks can be pretty unnerving especially when you are suffering from them suddenly. Most of the people are not aware about what anxiety attacks exactly are. Most of the people get to know about them when they visit their doctor with the symptoms of the anxiety attacks.


The best way to detect anxiety attack and what they are is by detecting the symptoms of the anxiety attack.


The trigger for the anxiety attack can be of plenty of different types ranging from the psychological problems or biological problems or even the environmental conditions around you. The causes of anxiety attacks in different people are different. They are usually characterized by a specific set of symptoms through which you also can detect the anxiety attacks.


Symptoms of anxiety attacks:


-Excessive worry: This is the first symptom as well as the trigger of anxiety attacks because a person who is suffering from anxiety attack would worry negatively about each and everything.


-Increased heart rate: Due to anxiety, you would be suffering from increased heart rate which you can sense when you’re suffering from anxiety attack.


-Increased blood pressure: Another common symptom of anxiety attacks is increased blood pressure due to the increased heart rate. Increased blood pressure can have pretty devastating effects on your health.


-Insomnia: Anxiety attacks or anxiety disorders can also be recognised by insomnia. Due to the excessive worry or excessive negative thinking which is done by the person who is suffering from anxiety attacks, they are not able to sleep. Insomnia actually worsens the problem of anxiety attacks.


– Unfounded fears: When a person is suffering from anxiety disorders, they would fear about each and everything. In case of an anxiety attack, the person would be having fears which are not having any real foundation.


-Uncontrollable shaking: When a person is suffering from anxiety attack, the person would be shaking uncontrollably due to the stress under which the person is. The shaking would only stop once the person has calmed down, if it is allowed to continue. There are ways and remedies to stop this uncontrollable shaking though.


-Muscle tension: During anxiety attack, the muscles become stiff as well and the muscle tension increases and then you would be feeling the pain in your muscles as well.


– Indigestion: When you’re suffering from frequent anxiety attacks, the digestion system is impacted negatively as well and you would be having indigestion problems.


Anxiety attacks can be easily recognized by the symptoms and when you are suffering from an anxiety attack, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on anything due to uncontrollable shaking of the body as well as extremely negative thinking which grips your mind during such a situation. Anxiety attack problem can be solved for the longer-term if you choose a proper natural treatment.



A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome:
A psychiatric disorder causing feelings of persistent anxiety, e.g. panic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder
Excessive fear of embarrassment in social situations that is extremely intrusive and can have debilitating effects on personal and professional relationships. Also called social phobia