Types of Medication for Social Anxiety

Many people these days are introverted and do not socialize with others as frequently. Such people often suffer from social anxiety. Social anxiety can cripple your social life and can minimize your human interaction and can cause depression as well. In order to avoid all of these problems, it is important that you opt for a suitable social anxiety medication so that the social anxiety disorder does not turn into depression.


There are some therapies which you can follow as well but by far, social anxiety medication works very well when you’re trying to solve the problem of social anxiety disorder. There are three types of medications which you can opt for.


The first type of medication which you can opt for are the tranquilizers and most of these tranquilizers would be acting within 45 minutes of taking them. Some of the popular names of the tranquilizers are Xanax and Ativan. These medications can only be prescribed by a doctor. You should be taking these medications only when really necessary otherwise they can cause addiction as well. They are for providing you with short term relief from social anxiety. In the longer term, they would not be solving the problem. They calm your mind down and help you in interacting with people more efficiently rather than being nervous about it.


The problem with tranquilizers is that if you’re taking them for a period which is greater than three months, then tranquilizers can cause depression as well. This is the reason that, when ever your doctor is prescribing you tranquilizers to treat social anxiety, you need to take it for a very short period of time only. You need to convey your concerns to the doctor about depression and the doctor would be able to give you a better medicine then these.


The second option which you have in terms of the medication is known as the antidepressants. Some of the antidepressants which can help you in curing the problem of social anxiety are Zoloft, Prozac etc. When these medications are taken for a period of 4 weeks according to the prescription, your body is able to respond to stress more efficiently. You are able to deal with stress more efficiently and easily.


The next group of medications which you can opt for social anxiety medication is beta-blockers. These are the medications which can only be used in certain situations and not regularly. Normally, a doctor prescribes them to be taken before a big event in which you are likely to suffer from anxiety disorder. This type of medicine is only given prior to a big event and not regularly.


These medications can surely help but you do not have to discount the power of exposure therapy as well as that is the longer term solution for the problem of social anxiety. When you undergo the exposure therapy, you would be able to automatically interact with people in a better way and thus helping you in dealing with social anxiety more efficiently.