Therapy for Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental conditions which people from all over the world are suffering from. Needless to say, the number of treatments for depression is plenty as well but not all of these treatments are equally effective and the way in which these treatments work and the causes of the problem of depression are also different.


If you look at the options for therapy for depression, you would come across the cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and you would also come across the art therapy for solving the problem of depression. Both of these therapies are completely different and have worked in hundreds of cases all over the world to solve the problem of depression.


The cognitive behaviour therapy is authored by Garratt, Karwoski and Ilardi. The therapy works by modifying the thoughts which are dysfunctional and training your mind to reduce the recall of these thoughts. The therapy has worked in hundreds of cases all over the world but the problem is the longer term solution of the therapy because only 50% of the patients who used the cognitive behaviour therapy were able to keep depression at bay in the longer term. This means that the recall ability of the mind of these dysfunctional thoughts is reduced in the longer term, in only half of the cases and not all of the cases. The immediate benefits were pretty evident but the longer term benefits were visible in only 50% of the patients.


Another therapy option to cure depression is the art therapy. This therapy revolves around stimulating the creative ability of the mind to create things. That is why, it is known as art therapy. In this therapy, the patient is encouraged to create something out of their thinking because creativity imbibes in them a positive vibe which automatically reduces the symptoms of depression. In most of the people, depression is due to the inability to feel good about them and when they are undergoing art therapy and creating something, they would be inducing a positive vibe in their minds which would help them in keeping the depression at bay. The art therapy has proven to be successful especially for the people who are depressed are due to lack of social interaction or due to low self-esteem.


These 2 therapies have proven to be pretty successful when it comes to curing depression with the help of therapy. There are some other options as well to cure depression with the help of therapy but these two are the most successful therapies which you can opt for if you’re looking to cure depression with the help of a therapy. Since these are mental therapies, they do not have any side effects as well. Such a therapy might take time in showing its effectiveness but in the longer-term it is much better as compared to medication.