Panic Disorder Treatment

Those who have suffered from panic attacks already know how unnerving they can be. Panic attacks per se are not dangerous though they are extremely disturbing but the effects of panic attacks like increase in heart rate, increasing blood pressure, respiratory problems are extremely dangerous and in extreme situations they can prove to be fatal as well.


You need to start the panic disorder treatment as soon as you notice yourself suffering from the panic attacks. There are some pretty simple methods which can help you in creating the panic attacks. We would be discussing some of these below.


-Detect hyperventilation:

Hyperventilation occurs when you are over breathing and this is usually the start of panic attack and therefore you have to try and detect when you are over breathing to detect this symptom of hyperventilation. When you detect this, you have to try and calm yourself down because over breathing can only be solved by calming yourself down.


-Avoiding panic:

When you detect the first symptom of panic attacks that is over breathing, most of the people tend to panic because they know that they would be suffering from panic attacks but this actually worsens the problem and therefore when you detect the first symptom of panic attacks, you need to remain calm and try to calm yourself down so that you do not actually increase the problem. If you are over breathing and you calm yourself down, the problem would be solved within a couple of minutes but instead of that if you panic, the problem would increase.


-Slow breathing exercise:

The best way in which you can avoid over breathing and bring your breathing back to normal level is to practice the slow breathing exercise and for that you had to leave all the work which you are currently doing and focus on your breath. You have to focus on your breathing in order to meditate and this would bring your breathing level back to normal.


– Using a bag to breath:

The problem with over breathing is that the carbon dioxide levels in your blood go on reducing pretty rapidly and when you are breathing in and out of the bag, you would be breathing in the air which would contain a higher proportion of carbon dioxide and thus balancing out the lower carbon dioxide which is in your blood.


-Avoiding stressful situations:

If you have been suffering from panic attacks quite frequently, you would know which situation can lead to a panic attack and you have to completely avoid these situations, if you want to avoid panic attacks.


So, panic disorder treatment need not be difficult and it is in fact pretty simple if you are able to recognise the symptoms of panic attacks in time and start the treatment as soon as possible. The only way in which you can get rid of this problem is to start the treatment as soon as you notice the symptoms.