Panic Attack Symptoms

Most of the people do not have any idea about the panic attacks symptoms and therefore they are not able to recognise them in time. It is vital for you to have some idea about the panic attack symptoms so that you are able to diagnose the problem. Once you have diagnosed panic attacks at the early stage, it would be easier for you to cure panic attacks.


If you ignore the problem of panic attacks for a longer period of time, they would become more frequent and more severe and thus would need a harsher treatment as well which can result some side-effects as well.


While suffering from panic attacks can be a rattling experience but if you have a specific list of symptoms which you can look forward to while detecting panic attacks, it would be much easier for you.


The most common symptom of panic attack is increased heartbeat. When you’re suffering from panic attacks, it increases the heartbeat and this causes more blood to flow into your heart and therefore the rate of heartbeat increases significantly. You can feel your heart pumping faster. In order to be sure about this symptom, you can just place your hand on your heart and you could be able to detect that the heart is beating faster.


Dizziness is another common symptom of panic attacks. When you’re suffering from a panic attack, it would be difficult for you to stand still and it would be very difficult for you to focus as well. People have often exclaimed that when they are suffering from panic attacks, they feel like they are going to pass out.


In the extreme parts of the body like the hands or the legs, you might suffer from a tingling sensation as well. It is important to make a note of all the symptoms as some of the symptoms can occur in other ailments as well and therefore you have to make a note of the entire symptoms to be sure that you are indeed suffering from a panic attack.


Sweating profusely is another usual occurrence when you are suffering from panic attacks. You might think that you are suffering from flu or cold but if the sweating is combined with some of the symptoms which we have mentioned above then instead of suffering from flu, you are suffering from a panic attack.


In some extreme cases, you suffer from cheat pain as well when you’re suffering from panic attacks. Chest pain can also be an indication of a cardiac arrest and that is why, it is vital that you consult a doctor as soon as possible if the symptoms of panic attacks are combined with chest pain.


Breathlessness is also experienced when you’re suffering from panic attacks. If the symptoms are pretty severe than you need to contact a doctor as soon as possible.


These are the most common symptoms of panic attacks. Most of the people suffer from at least a couple of these symptoms when they are having a panic attack.