How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a problem which plagues a lot of people. The problem is that people who are suffering from social anxiety are so fearful of such social situations that they cannot even think about a solution to the problem. Most of the people try to get some information from the Internet on how to overcome social anxiety? There are quite a few options which you have got but if you’re looking for the short term solutions then medications are good enough.


Medications which are available for social anxiety disorders are mostly tranquilizers and they have a calming effect on your brain but these are addictive as well. You need to switch from tranquilizers to a proper therapy if you want to get rid of social anxiety in the longer term. If you are taking any kind of tranquilizer for a period which is greater than three months, then you would be addicted to that tranquilizer and you would not be able to lead your life without the use of those tranquilizers.


For a longer term solution, you need to look at the exposure therapy because the exposure therapy would actually minimize the fear which you suffer from when you are in a social gathering or at a social event. If you look into the causes of social anxiety, you would find that the main cause of social anxiety is the fear which people suffer from when they are at a social gathering. If this fear is minimized, you would no longer be suffering from social anxiety.


In the exposure therapy, you are socialized with a small number of people initially and as you become more and more familiar with socializing with people, the number of people with whom you’re socializing is increased and therefore completely reducing the fear which you face when you’re socializing with anyone.


The only drawback of the exposure therapy is that it can take a long period of time to minimise the fear of socialising. You would have to undertake a lot of sessions.


The solution is not practical if you have a social event in a couple of days and you want to minimise your social anxiety disorder. In that case, you only have the option of minor tranquilizers.


Minor tranquilizers would do from time to time but in the longer term exposure therapy is the only option which you have got.


Also, instead of just working in your office, you have to try and switch over to meeting clients because when you’re meeting some new people on a day to day basis, automatically the fear of socializing would be minimized and you would not suffer from social anxiety disorders as well.