Anxiety Disorder in Children

When you hear the term anxiety disorders, you would normally associate it with only adults but these days anxiety disorders in children are also pretty common. The reason for this is that children are also subject to high stress these days. The stressful life was earlier limited to adults trying to compete with each other in their workplace but these days the competition has increased in schools as well as colleges which are resulting in high stress levels.


There are quite a few types of anxiety disorders in children and we would be discussing them below.


1) Selective Mutism:

This is a type of anxiety disorder in which the children stop communicating with others. If children are suffering from this problem, they would not be socializing at any place, including their schools and at home. It is very difficult to detect this type of anxiety disorder because there would be no expression on the face of children and they would be completely blank. Some of the easiest ways which you have got to detect this type of anxiety disorder is to try to maintain eye contact with them and try to start a conversation with them and if they are not able to do both, these are signs of this anxiety disorder.


2) Phobias:

Phobias are also a result of anxiety disorders. Many children have fear towards a particular object or towards a particular activity; it can easily result in phobia as well. Phobia stands for fear of something and this fear can be of a particular place or can be of a particular thing or can be of a particular situation.


The children who are suffering from any type of phobia often limit themselves to their own rooms and hardly ever interact with others. Some children also have trouble in concentrating or focusing on something.


There fear often comes out in the form of acts of aggression against themselves or against someone else.


3) Separation Anxiety:

This type of anxiety disorder is particularly evident in very young children below three years or around that age. This type of anxiety disorder happens when one of the parent or both of the parents leave their company and the child is often alone.


Since the child is pretty young, the normal reaction of the child would be to throw a tantrum or to cry. Some of the children follow the parent out as well if they are able to walk.


If this anxiety disorder is not solved, it is often seen in older kids as well.


In order to solve this problem, you have to ensure the child that you would be back with them shortly and that the child is safe without your presence around him/her as well.


You have to avoid leaving the child completely alone if the child is suffering from such an anxiety disorder.


3) Social Anxiety:

Social anxiety problems are also seen in a lot of children who do not like playing with other children or being in the company of other children.


These are some of the common anxiety disorders in children. It is important to detect them early and try to solve these problems in children at a younger age.